Sony Reveals a Huge Promotional Event Allowing All PS4 Users Access to Multiplayer for Free

Sony Giving PS4 Players a Week of Free Online Fun 

Yesterday we told you that Sony is offering free PlayStation Plus subscriptions to all those who were affected by the hurricanes this year, and now they’ve announced a new promotional event which allows PS4 owners to use online features for free. If you’ve been waiting to play multiplayer on your favorite games without the use of a PlayStation Plus subscription, now is your chance to do so!

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You read that right. For the next week, all multiplayer access on the PlayStation 4 will be free for everyone in Europe. If you’ve been itching to get in on the multiplayer action for your favorite games of the year, Sony is giving you the perfect opportunity without having to spend a dime. This special promotion starts on November 15th and runs until November 20th, and during this time, all you will need to do is turn on your PS4 and boot up any multiplayer game you’ve been waiting to play. The event lasts for five whole days, which¬†means that even if life gets in the way during the work week, you will still be able to get online for free next weekend.

Even though this offer is only available for a limited time, it does coincide with a free-to-play weekend for Overwatch and if that’s not a sign that you should check out one of the most popular games of 2016 for yourself, I’m not sure what is. This free multiplayer weekend will be running as Star Wars Battlefront II launches on Friday as well. Just a reminder that this promotion only gives you access to in-game multiplayer, meaning that you will not be able to download this month’s free PS Plus games. With that said, if the five days of online multiplayer is enough to convince you to pick up a PS Plus subscription, you will be able to get Bound and Worms Battlegrounds for free this month.

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So far there has been no word on whether this promotion will be extended to everyone worldwide, but hopefully we will hear something from Sony soon. Will you be jumping online to take part in this free online weekend? Let us know in the comments below!