Spicy Video Shows Off Amazing Overwatch Cosplay from BlizzCon 2017

BlizzCon 2017 Delivered Some Stunning Overwatch Cosplay

If you have visited COGconnected over the past year, you know we love cosplay. For instance, yesterday, we posted some spectacular cosplay of a girl who can transform herself into any character. Her work is truly amazing and you need to check it out. Now, we generally post pictures of brilliant and sexy cosplay (just like this collection of body paint cosplay) but this time we thought we would share with you a stunning video we came across today. This video is from PlayOverwatch. They attended BlizzCon 2017 and put together a terrific video that captures some killer Overwatch cosplay from the show.

Overwatch Cosplay

Whether it’s Doomfist, new healer Moira, basketball-loving Symmetra, or beekeeper Mei, the Overwatch cosplay at BlizzCon 2017 was fantastic.

Over the past year, we have posted a slew of Overwatch cosplay, check out some of the best cosplay from the past year:

Overwatch Cosplay

cosplay alyson overwatch
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