Cuphead’s Physical Edition Doesn’t Come With a Disc

Still Great to Get a Boxed Copy, Though

It looks like gamers won’t have to wait long at all to get a physical edition of Cuphead. While this is great news, the downside appears to be the absence of a game disc. Instead, the box comes with a game code.

Cuphead Physical Edition

But that’s not all! Each boxed copy of Cuphead also comes with an animation cel. Pretty rad, no? The disc-less thing is unfortunate, but it’s still great that we’re getting a boxed copy of the game at all. Perhaps a more complete version would be ideal, but this particular compromise still gives the game a spot on the shelf. Which it deserves!

There’s a total of five different animation cels available, with each copy of Cuphead coming with a different one. The photo above comes from a user on Cheap Ass Gamer named Tyrok. The game’s physical edition will allegedly be hitting store shelves next week, launching on the same date as the Xbox One X. No word on the price, but it  will presumably be the same cost as the digital edition. Cuphead is available now for PC and Xbox One.