Win a Copy of EA Sports FIFA 18 for Xbox One

Win a Copy of EA Sports FIFA 18 for Xbox One (North America Only)

Looking for a way to score? You’re in luck! We are giving away one digital copy of EA Sports FIFA 18 for Xbox One!

Please note: this copy will only work in the North American region (sorry International readers).

In our review of EA Sports FIFA 18, we noted “The game’s focus on the art of defending and the long-awaited addition of authentic player styles makes the play experience a joy to take part in. Career Mode sees slight adjustments that make the world of difference when combined with what was already there and Pro Clubs is finally living up to its potential”.

To enter this awesome contest, just follow the directions below! Best of luck to all our readers! GOOOOOOOAALL!

Win a Copy of EA Sports FIFA 18 for Xbox One (NA Only)

FIFA 18 expands on its already established gameplay with more advanced UI, better control over the ball, and the introduction of the Real Player Motion Technology: an all-new animation system with proper motion capture of FIFA’s greatest players, making them move and feel just like they would in real life. EA has also put a great amount of detail into the environment with realistic lighting, frost on the field, and an electrifying audience as you compete in the most popular sport in the world. FIFA 18 will see the return of Alex Hunter, the main character from FIFA 17’s The Journey, as you follow his meteoric and celebrity-like rise through FIFA.