Latest Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Features Live-action Broadway Musical Dazzle

The Super Mario Odyssey Theme Song Gets Top Billing

The newest trailer for one this month’s biggest releases, Super Mario Odyssey, harnesses the magic of Broadway musicals in a live-action trailer for the game. The trailer features a full version of the theme song with Pauline singing the song while suited men dance about in New Donk City.

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As it’s a musical, you got Mario keeping up with the New Donk City boys as he dances along. While writing this story, I went through Mario’s surprising dance history which ranges from the creepy Just Dance appearance to Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix which features Mario breakdancing for its cover. Anyway, the trailer’s fun stuff with a weird Inception-esque moment where Mario throws Cappy on a person playing the game. Plus, there’s a link in its description if you want to download the theme song to annoy/excite loved ones.

It’s another strong trailer leading to Super Mario Odyssey‘s release on October 27th, but the dance-y Japanese  Link to the Past commercial will always be my fave.

Source: Nintendo