All PlayStation Exclusive Destiny Content Is Now Available on Xbox

Are You Still Playing the Original Destiny? 

If you can believe it, all of the exclusive PlayStation content from Destiny 1 has only just now arrived on Xbox, finally allowing Xbox gamers the chance to experience the complete Destiny package.

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The reason for this comes down to the marketing deal between Sony and publisher Activision. Basically, featured content would appear first on Sony’s consoles, while Xbox gamers can only watch from the sidelines as PlayStation players take in the goodies. Said content would include new exotic weapons, new co-op Strike missions, quest lines, new Sparrow vehicles, Crucible maps, armour, and few others.

When Destiny first launched in 2014, PlayStation fans could enjoy the exclusive content for one year before it came to Xbox. That meant that right around when The Taken King released in 2015, Xbox owners finally received all the ‘Year One’ exclusive content too. Yay! The same thing happened again though. The Taken King had more exclusive content for PlayStation while Xbox continued to be left out. Last year, just when Xbox fans were expecting to receive the content they graciously waited a year for, Sony and Activision pushed it back a full extra year! That means content from 2015’s The Taken King is only now releasing on Xbox. Thankfully, the Rise of Iron exclusive content did not get extended as they too are finally available. Whew, that was a bit long-winded.

Both Microsoft and Sony battle for exclusive content on their consoles quite regularly, but Destiny’s may be the most egregious since Destiny 2 already launched last month. And In case you’re wondering, yes PlayStation owners will once again get access to exclusive stuff until “at least Fall 2018.” Guess we’ll find out when that time arrives.