Limited Call of Duty WW2 Bundle Gets New Hype-Inducing Trailer

More WW2 Battled Followed By “Greatness Awaits”

Historical accuracy notwithstanding, the camo PS4 proves an enticing product for the Call of Duty collector. Even though no PS4’s existed back in the 40s, that’s not stopping Sony from utilizing the camo. They believe their console so amazing, in fact, that they’ve given it its own trailer.

Granted, the new Call of Duty WW2 trailer also brings new footage from the game’s campaign. We’re getting vivid scenes of single-player battles, from the beaches of Utah to what looks like the frosty Ardenne. Battle of the Bulge, anyone? Once again, the campaign looks very cinematic and filled with a new intensity thanks to a return to boots on the ground.

Per usual, PlayStation is making the most of their exclusive marketing rights with Activision. Call of Duty fans who have yet to purchase a PS4 can get more with Call of Duty: WW2 Limited Edition bundle. This version entails console-exclusive content as well as preliminary access to DLCs.

And without further ado, here is the new Call of Duty WW2 trailer:

Whatever people have to say about this particular PS4 design, there’s no denying that the console will likely sell like hotcakes. Call of Duty WW2 arrives November 3rd for all platforms. Recently, Activision announced the bonus ‘Carentan’ map for buyers of the Season Pass. Playable on Day One.