The Witcher 3 Documentary Coming in Six Parts – Everything You Need to Know

Everything about Development – Noclip Trailer Arrives

Noclip, the non-profit filmmaking crew behind the famous DOOM documentary, is going behind the scenes with the team behind The Witcher franchise. Of course, I’m talking about CD Projekt RED, the beloved Polish studio.

Witcher story

All six episodes of Noclip’s documentary will arrive in early October; they will be parsed by no more than a few days each. And in each episode, the filmmakers will focus on different aspects of Witcher 3’s development and the company’s history. Exact dates can be found in the trailer below:

To recap, here is the channel’s posting schedule alongside some additional info on what each episode will cover.:

The Story of CD Projekt – Monday, October 2nd

– Marcin Iwiński tells the tale of how CD Projekt emerged from socialism.

Remembering The Witcher 1 & 2 – Wednesday, October 4th

– The creators and players of W1 and W2 reminisce, while Marcin & Adam continue the story of the company’s rise and near falls.

Creating the World of The Witcher 3 – Friday, October 6th

– How level design, environmental design, and living world design combine to create the world of Wild Hunt.

The Quests of Wild Hunt – Monday, October 9nd

– Detailing the design of W3’s most memorable quests and the many quests that changed during development.

Found in Translation – Wednesday, October 11th

– Localisation & adaptation departments detail the incredible work that goes into making The Witcher multi-lingual.

The Devil’s in the Details – Friday, October 13th

– How elements like music, cinematic design, combat and more, combine to create a believable universe.

Thus, if you really want to delve into the Witcher universe and learn more about 2015’s Game of the Year from the developers themselves, refer to the schedule above. Then tune in to Noclip’s channel and be sure to bring the popcorn. See you then.