Puzzle Fighter Soft Launches Today

You Can Main Hot Ryu in Puzzle Fighter

Capcom Vancouver’s Puzzle Fighter was made available today in a soft launch on Android and iOS. While the gem-busting mobile title isn’t worldwide yet, you can now play the game in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, and Singapore. The mobile game offered some gameplay upgrades to puzzle series that may attract new players.

Puzzle Fighter

First up, there’s some light character progression that lets you power up your special moves to hit harder. There;s also new characters and costumes to unlock as well. And ,of course, players can test their might and increase their rankings through online matches. While there’s no Arcade mode announced yet, you can also play singe-player missions that change up every few days to get some more coins and gems towards unlocks if you’re a puzzle scrub like me.

Joining Street Fighter and Dark Stalkers characters, looks like Capcom Vancouver was given full reign to bring in other Capcom IP including some deep cuts for the Vancouver studio like Dead Rising 2‘s Chuck Greene. Some IPs don’t make for good mobile ports, but the Puzzle Fighter series seems to fit perfectly for standing-in-packed-train-gaming.

The game is available free on iOS and Android for certain regions, but check their site to see when you’ll be able to join the gem-crushing competition.

Source: Capcom Unity