Final Fantasy IX’s Platinum Trophy is Nigh Impossible

It’s as Fun as Final Fantasy X’s Lightning Dodge Quest

One of the highlights from the Tokyo Game Show 2017 PlayStation stream was the official confirmation that Final Fantasy IX is available for PS4 now worldwide with all of the updated perks that came with the 2016 PC version which includes a handy random encounter stopper, speed boosters, and other little things like taking your characters to max level for a breezy playthrough. It’s a day of celebration for Final Fantasy fans, but its Trophy list, unfortunately, features a pretty stupid Gold trophy that will give series players flashbacks of messing up on the 170th lightning dodge in Final Fantasy X to upgrade Lulu’s ultimate weapon.

Final Fantasy IX

The trophy in question is, of course, Hail to the King, where players have to jump rope 1000 times without tripping and obtain King of Jump Rope. In the game, you do have to jump rope 1000 times to get a Key Item, but I think this feat could have shed a digit in transition. Ozma be damned, this is will no doubt be Zidane and Co.’s hardest quest yet. While I’m not a Trophy hunter myself, I can understand the frustration as this will all but prevent players from hitting the coveted Platinium status with this port.

Final Fantasy IX is out now for PS4 with a decent 20% price cut until September 26th. Plus, you can get a pretty sweet Final Fantasy IX theme too.

Source: PSNProfiles

  • Lost My Way.

    Stop being a baby. This kind of ridiculous task is what a small part of FFs optional content is always about. Have you seen the trophies on FFX? Good luck getting them. Defeat penance? Yeah right.

    For the people only playing a game for trophy hunting who cares about them anyway? They’re idiots.

    The key item always required it and it should stay that way. Coming from someone who’s hurt themselves in the process of getting 00:00 on the chocobo race. These things were what we talked about in school on a Monday. The day I walked in and said “I caught the butterflies”? nothing tops that.

    • TheTrooperI998

      The only idiot here is your for criticizing what gives other people enjoyment out of games.

  • andrewsqual

    The boss Ozma will apparently be easy since you can do a cheat for 9999 damage and I think even invincibility and those particular cheats don’t disable trophies. The skip rope one looks hard though.

  • Saku

    Ha! As someone who played IX three times, I never gotten over a hundred in this jumping game. That is just dope feature and Ozma, mhmm, I only beat him once in 35 tries though 😂😂😂

  • LordCancer Kain

    these kind of trophies are terrible, immoral and just bad design.