ARMS Is Getting Customizable Controls in the Next Update

Remap Any Button In Ver. 3.0 of ARMS

ARMS is getting customizable controls in its next update, announced Nintendo today on Twitter.

It’s been a long-requested feature from fans ever since the game was released in June on the Nintendo Switch. Well, those fans can now rest easy when version 3.0 goes live which allows anyone the ability to remap the controls any way they see fit.

The controls in ARMS takes some getting used to, especially with all of the different play style variations the Switch provides. We weren’t particularly fond of clicking in the left stick on the Joy-Con for blocking so for us, that one will definitely be changing right away. As you can see from the Tweet above, changing your controls is done during the character selection screen. It all looks robust and intuitive too.

Version 3.0 will also bring a new playable character to the mix: Lola Pop. She’s a clown-like character with high defense (Is this some sort of IT movie tie-in or something?) and looks to fit right in with ARMS’s colorful and wacky cast of recognizable fighters.


It’s great to see regular updates to ARMS, a game that we’re big fans of here at COGConnected but feel is getting a tad overlooked. By adding new features and playable characters, Nintendo is making sure ARMS has a lot of legs (hehe) going forward.

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