An Analyst Says the Xbox One X Won’t Sell Because It’s Double the Price of the PlayStation 4

Michael Pachter Says the Xbox One X Won’t Sell Because of the Price, Not the Lack of Titles

Since the big reveal of the Xbox One X at this years E3, many in the industry have said that it’s likely the console will not sell very well because of the lack of exclusive titles to go along with it. In the latest episode of Pachter Factor, Michael Pachter, shares a very different opinion of why the Xbox One X will not sell.

Xbox One X console

Although many in the industry have been sharing their opinion on the future of the Xbox One X, one analyst says that gamers will stay away from the console not because of a lack of titles available, but because of the price tag attached. Michael Pachter, a well known tech analyst, dissected why the Xbox One X won’t sell well in his latest episode of his YouTube series: Pachter Factor. Pachter stated that the issue with the Xbox One X is not the lack of titles available.“The people who are saying it’s not going to sell well because of lack of games – it plays all Xbox games. There are tons of games for it. We can argue about whether they’re going to have 4K features in them not. All the new ones will, the developers are putting them in. So that’s BS.”

Pachter suggests that the price of the Xbox One X, at $500 USD, will be the console’s downfall. Although the price may not seem too steep for some Xbox fans, especially with the specs included, Pachter says that the price definitely has something to be desired when compared to the current Xbox One S and the PlayStation 4 models. “I think it won’t sell so well because it cost twice as much as PlayStation 4. I mean, I think that’s the easy answer. And, you know, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S are nominally are priced at $299, and they’re pretty regularly discounted to $249, and they are almost always bundled with something. So the $299 version, you kind of have to be a moron to pay $299 for a console now and not get a piece of software for free which does have a perceived value of 50 bucks.”

Xbox One S

Pachter delved further into his explanation saying that anyone who work for their money and don’t have a lot of extra disposable income are likely not going to spend it on a significantly higher priced console, when looking at the prices available for the PS4 and Xbox One S. Pachter came up with an analogy to explain why the price difference will have such an impact, “The question is: ‘Who in their right mind is buying an Xbox One X?’ And the answer is:The same guy who buys a Porsche instead of a BMW. The guys who have Porsches are the guys who have too much money. It doesn’t seem like it’s that much more expensive, and they just do it, because they can.”

The Xbox One X will be released in a few months time, on November 7th. Do you agree with Pachter or do you have a different opinion? And will you be picking up the newest console from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!


  • Ah Patcher, the proven village idiot that every news outlet loves to quote because he cant keep his inaccurate opinions to himself. I love the smell of click bait in the morning.

    • misfitsoda

      I meaaaaaan, isn’t what he saying pretty much the heavy majority opinion of the industry? At best I think people say it’ll work as an artisanal console. But I haven’t heard ANYONE say the xbox one x is gonna crush sales.

      • kiljoy616

        Your right but it does not need to if it can deliver on the 4K gaming utopia its promising. Those who can will move to it and those who can’t YET will do some within a short time. True its not going to sell super fast but then neither does a lot of things and yet in time it sells just fine.


          Yea, X won’t sell quickly in the first year or two, but will speed up. At first it should sell more slowly than the Pro, because it’s $100 more expensive and while low end 4K TV’s are cheaper now, the idea of 4K hasn’t really been sold to the mainstream yet. Personally I have a 4K HDR TV and a PS4 Pro, but most people need me to explain what 4K is and they ask me if it is even an improvement, people just don’t know much about it.

          Eventually X may outsell Pro. As more time goes by, we get closer to PS5, and there is more reason to hold off for PS5 instead of buying Pro. This will reduce sales of Pro by some amount. With XB1, there is now supposedly only one generation. The XB console after X should not have any new games the X doesn’t, so people can buy an X at any time without fear that the purchase will be obsolete. Even after the next XB console launches, X will just be a cheaper option and will sell similar to how the vanilla XB1 does now. That’s my guess anyway.

          • harlemsfinest027

            “Eventually X will outsell the Pro” LMAOOOO, you’re joking, right? And with what games? Pro will be sold at a discount soon, so that’s not happening

          • KLEEBAN KLIBAN

            You arent thinking big picture.. which is why my suggestion seems ridiculous. You are thinking short term, but ur absolutely right about ur short term prediction. Pro will wreck shop haha. I am talking final sales.. possibly a decade from now. Pro will be the leader for the first year or two easy but it was mainly meant to hold people back from going PC before PS5, at which point Pro becomes last gen. By design Pro is a temporary solution and a temporary console. X is “intended” to be part of a final gen and will remain relevant longer than Pro. This is a tortoise and hair situation. Pro will have a relative short sprint but X will slowly and steadily continue to sell and eventually X will be very cheap and will be the Vanilla XB1 of the time, and most XB purchases will then be for X. Pro will never really get that.. it will get cheap, but by the time It’s $200-$250 AAA games will not be made for it because they will be on PS5 and not get ported to Pro, so Pro will be cheap but also obsolete. No disrespect to Pro. I have 2 and wont get an X. Im just being objective. Im not saying XB will beat PS and I dont expect it will. Im saying one specific model of XB will have more lifetime sales than another specific model of PS. PS5 sales will probably still surpass X sales. Cant stress enough that I mean Pro specifically.

            As for games.. that is always of note but it’s an overrated argument. I am a PS4 gamer through and through and have converted 3 XB gamers to PS4 so Im def not trying to downsell PS. I have every Uncharted on PS4, Last of Us, Crash Nsane Trilogy, Until Dawn and the mini Rush of Blood for my PSVR, Bloodborne, God of War 3, Arizona Sunshine, Farpoint, Rachet and Clank, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Little Big Planet 3, Drawn to Death, and Im sure a few others that Im forgetting or dont realize are currently not playable on XB. Still, maybe 1% of my gaming has been on exclusives. The main draws are cross platform, so many more awesome games than I could ever play properly. The platform u want is so much more important than the games. If XB got a bunch of exclusives tomorrow, u and I would probably still play PS primarily.

            XB has its own games PS4 cant play yet, including all the 360 games that are BC and havent been remastered, and the obvious Halo/Gears/Forza that u have had to have heard about so many times in fanboy arguments haha, all great games that are console sellers. XB has had a dryspell of games lately but again, unlike Pro, X was designed to be relevant during PS5 gen so future XB exclusives will be on X.. not to mention cross platform titles like Call of Duty that are not ported to last gen Pro but are made with lower settings for X. If X gets higher end VR games that vanilla PS4 cant handle (as Pro cant have exclusives), along with 360 BC games, current gen exclusives, many next gen exclusives, and many next gen cross platform games that wont be ported to Pro.. X may actually have more games Pro cant play than Pro has that X cant play. Not the same as true platform exclusives of course, and I will just get PS5 and PSVR2 and play all those gsmes.. but for someone looking to get a single future proof console, X makes a lot of sense. Cross Play with PC gamers will be a huge draw too. Really hope Sony gets more invested in that soon, but right now they have more immediate concerns to worry about.

          • harlemsfinest027

            Do not be surprised when the PS5 comes out, the PRo will replace the Slim/Vanilla consoles. That is why XBX will never surpass it. And as far as games, Sony will certainly make sure that PS5 will run PS4 software. PS3’s architecture was so different that they are unable to really do that now, and missing out on a big opportunity

          • KLEEBAN KLIBAN

            Yea I agree with both points. PS5 will play PS4 games due to new architecture (it better after how much Im investing in digital haha), and PS4 Pro will replace vanilla/slim for a time.. but it will be more like people buying PS3 after PS4 came out. Early games will be on PS4 as well.. just like PS3 to PS4.. but most gamers will just go PS5 if they didnt get Pro already.. and X will be cheap then too with the benefit of being the highest end XB console with an amount of forward compatibility. Also PS5’s BC was something I considered as a reason Pro wont be needed when 4K takes off. PS5 will likely play the Pro versions of the games so u wont need Pro for the best versions of PS4 games. I think PS5 will take off immediately, before Pro can peak, but I am very happy that gamers like me get the Pro for now.. and even for those who dont get Pro, it is the reason they will get better PS4 ports with PS5 BC. Anyway.. X def wont turn the tables or anything even though it seems great. PS4 will still sell more than XB month to month.. maybe with a couple months in XB’s favor as X launches, but it will go back to usual and PS5 will make sales skyrocket again.

  • kiljoy616

    Oh I think it will sell simply because people want 4K and anyone not poor and in the ghetto can afford a 4K now without a second though. Maybe its not for everyone but the price is nothing considering what PC are willing to pay for a good gaming ride.

  • SamThaMan

    Here’s a thought, PS4 is currently the dominant console in terms of sales. Sony has said that 1 in every 5 PS4’s sold is a PS4 Pro. By that assumption, one would guess that 1 in every 5 Xbox One sold will probably be an Xbox One X (after launch and judging by how many people on the dominant platform jumped onto the 4K bandwagon). Which means it probably won’t end up selling a whole bunch. Of cause its just an assumption


      The PS4 Pro was $100 cheaper so it probably will have a better ratio of sales than XB1X. Though XB1X was only meant to offer a very high end option to a relatively small player base. It’s not meant to sell well early on, just like PS4 Pro. Eventually Pro and X will sell well. If PS5 is a thing, X may sell better than Pro “in the end” because it will be an upgrade in a single family, whereas PS gamers will just wait for the next gen because getting a Pro will be a bit of a waste if they buy it close to PS5 launch. X will always stay more relevant since the next console should offer no games the X doesn’t.

  • mike

    Getting Xbox one x day one