Psychedelic ‘Shape of the World’ Gets Release Date – Explore Endless Beauty

Explore Where You Want When You Please in a Seamless Environment

From the creative talent of Stu Maxwell, Visual Effects Artist for Gears of War 4, comes a new blissful experience in the form of Shape of the World. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the game is making its way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018.

With Shape of the World, players can explore a vast surreal world with no limits. The strange new land offers colorful, psychedelic aesthetic that reacts to your presence. It’s one of those titles where the player can lose themselves in hours of unadulterated graphics, exploration, and contemplation of the meaning of life. Or whatever you do when enamored by your surroundings.

“I’ve been pushing hard to bring Shape of the World to life on and off, in my spare time after work, for a few years now,” said Stu Maxwell, Lead Designer at Hollow Tree Games. “It’s a colorful and surprising place I’ve made for people to relax after a busy day, inspired by all my stress-relieving hikes and bike rides through the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest where I live. I’m stoked to finally be so close to getting it into players’ hands!”

Since the primary motivation of Shape of the World is to explore, gamers may categorize it as a walking simulator. However, the game lets you fly throughout the borderless world. And as you do, you’ll notice different environments and how the time of day suddenly seems to change. Movement is more 3-dimensional; moreover, the world design just flows as you progress. This may be the closest thing to a dream when you’re awake. Facets of the game include:

  • Experiment with an organic and mysterious ecosystem: Play with mystical animals, ephemeral vegetation, and intriguing monoliths.
  • A dynamic soundtrack that responds to the player’s travels: The audio environment is a central component of the game, amplifying your experience of the world.
  • Procedural Population: The forest only materializes around you when you get close, regrowing in a new way each time you pass. Will you find your way back?
  • First-Person Exploration: More than just a walking simulator. Slide, soar and dive through a living world, at once familiar and alien.

With Shape of the World, players can progress at their own pace. You can learn more about the game on its Steam page, the PlayStation Blog, and the Xbox Wire websites.

Before the game releases, tell us your impressions. Comment down below and let us know whether you’ve played anything like it. Then check back for more updates on new projects and the like. Until then,

Happy gaming.