Delightful Indie Game Severed Also Out on Nintendo Switch as of Today

One More Delightful Indie Game for the Switch’s Growing Roster

Remember Severed? I mean, you probably don’t. It came out for the PS Vita after all. Sure, it was the best thing to hit that system in ages. But the Vita has like, a cloaking device on it or something. The solution? Release this delightful indie gem for the Nintendo Switch!

Severed Screen

Severed is the brainchild of Indie developer DrinkBox Studios, previously known for Guacamelee! This time, you’re playing as Sasha, a one-armed badass fighting her way through a horde of monsters to reunite with her missing family. There’s an upgrade system to obsess over, dungeons to explore and enemy encounters that consistently feel fresh. It’s also pretty danged hard, but what, would you rather be bored? To say nothing of the game’s graphics, which are just blowing up with crazy colors and slick designs.

If you missed this one on Vita, you’ve got another chance to check it out on the Nintendo Switch. Severed is out today for Nintendo’s sexy console/portable hybrid for just under fifteen bucks. With Severed, the Switch hasĀ a respectable list of indie titles that’s always getting longer. Perhaps their push to make nice with the Indie devs of the world is bearing fruit after all? There’s also a new trailer to coincide with this second launch. Check it out!

SOURCE: Press Release