It’s Not Noir; It’s Neo-Noir: Phoenix Springs Announced on Kickstarter

Point & Click Your Way Through a Neo-Noir Adventure with Phoenix Springs

When the city sleeps, crime is just waking up – in Megacity Z 2529 A.D. Now that’s Neo-Noir, you goons. Developer Calligram Studios’ has just launched a Kickstarter for their point & click game, Phoenix Springs. The team is hoping to raise a modest $10,594 USD.

Phoenix Springs went live on Square Enix Collective back in May in order to build up some hype for their upcoming title. In Phoenix Springs you play as Iris, a young woman who “finally locates a young man she met in a bar.” However, something is not right. He has become a recluse and a billionaire, and even more weirdly, is now old and dying. Neo-Noir.

Phoenix springs 1280

To figure out what’s going on, Iris’ path soon leads her to Phoenix Springs: a desert oasis, home to a strange community that on the surface level appears to be utopian-like. However, under the utopian exterior lies a layer of dark secrets held tightly by the community’s inhabitants that are not not only hard to unveil — but hard to believe. So Neo-Noir.

The game plays like Life is Strange, with dialogue choices and the like. There is also plenty of puzzles to piece together and plenty of environments to explore that blend 3D with hand-drawn 2D illustrations, which create a unique visual style reminiscent of anime and comic books according to the developer.

Phoenix Springs is currently in development for PC, and Mac. It also being optimized for mobile devices and could be ported to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch depending on how well this Kickstarter goes. the title is scheduled to release mid-2018.

Below, you can check out the game’s latest trailer which accompanied the launch of the Kickstarter: