Orc Factions in Shadow of War Are Like Gangs of LOTR – New Trailer Arrives

Middle-Earth’s Orc Tribes Will Have Unique Personalities

Monolith Studios has expanded the Nemesis system in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The orcs are more numerous, more intelligent, and more malleable. With the inclusion of more enemies, more ways to customize, and more ways to wage war, so too has the ecosystem improved. This leads to unique orc factions.

Shadow of War Top 2

In Shadow of War, orcs now belong to different sub-cultures, depending on which faction they join. Ruled by a single overlord the tribes are differentiated by standalone personalities that dictate the way they interact with you and the environment. To introduce this new ecosystem is the Terror Tribe, a faction of orcs that spread their reputation through fear. Within the horde of Mordor, they stand out by being exceptionally brutal.

Discover what is likely to be the first of several debuts with the orc “Terror Tribe” trailer below”:

As you take on the missions of Talion, you’ll discover various orc factions throughout the open world. As the developer mentioned in previous coverage, each faction has a fortress and will construct their fortress according to their unique quirks. Hence, you can expect sieges filled with surprises.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 10, 2017. Despite initial confusion, the game will not require a constant internet connection to play. But unlike the previous installment, the campaign will offer microtransactions through in-game and real-world currency.

SOURCE: Press Release