God of War Digital Deluxe Version Leaked By Amazon

God of War Goodies For Those Who Want to Spend A Bit More

The upcoming PS4 exclusive, God of War, will have a digital deluxe edition available on day one, according to a leak from Amazon. The link has been removed but not before the Internet was able to get a glimpse of its contents.

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As has become the norm for deluxe editions on PSN, expect a steeper price over the standard edition by $10, meaning in the US it’ll go for $69.99.

Here’s what’s included in the Digital Deluxe Edition:

  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Art Book
  • PS4 Dynamic Theme
  • Digital Comic – Issue 0
  • ‘Exile’s Guardian’ Shield Skin
  • ‘Death’s Vow’ Armor Set for Kratos
  • ‘Death’s Vow’ Armor for Atreus

From the looks of it, there doesn’t appear to be anything groundbreaking here other than a few digital goodies. It’s unclear if the cosmetic skins and armor sets will have any impact on gameplay. Currently, the only God of War pre-order incentive on the North American PlayStation Store is for a handful of avatars. A God of War Collector’s Edition was also outed by a German retailer a few months ago but has since been removed. With so many leaks happening, it’s only a matter of time before everything is out in the open.

God of War is both a sequel and a reboot of sorts for the popular action series. It has shifted to Norse mythology and will still star Kratos as the main character, who has the added responsibility of fatherhood.

It is expected to land in early 2018. We’re expecting a firm release date confirmation at either Paris Games Week or PSX Experience later this year. Are you excited for the new God of War? Let us know below.