2K Celebrates 10 Years of BioShock with Collector’s Edition and HUGE Party at PAX West

2K Celebrates 10 Years and Has Deals and Party for You

Ten years ago today, it started with a plane crash in the North Atlantic Ocean. A lighthouse. A man. A city under the sea. Since the launch of the first game in 2007, BioShock has found a special place in many people’s hearts. Now, it’s time to party. 2K released a special “thank you” video for BioShock fans as 2K celebrates 10 years of BioShock.

2K also announced today the BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Now available for pre-order, this extremely limited edition release is US only, and exclusive to GameStop and the 2K Store for Xbox One and PS4. Included in the package is a copy of BioShock: The Collection and a collectible Big Daddy and Little Sister statue modeled after the game’s iconic original box art.

2K celebrates 10 years

For fans looking for the ultimate BioShock 10th Anniversary celebration, 2K announced “Return to Rapture”, a fan party at PAX West on Sept. 2 that’s open to the public, complete with cosplay contests, music, photo ops, themed food and drinks, and an Ayn Rand underwater city that no one can escape and will return to the sea at the end of the night. Those aboard will be forever remembered as “the brave ones.” Just kidding, everything shuts down at midnight.

Keep up to date with this party and deals at the 2K blog.

2K has launched the official BioShock YouTube channel including classic trailers, fan videos and upcoming content.