This Stunning Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Anyone in Spectacular Fashion

Alyson Tabbitha is Simply Amazing, Check Out Her Before and After Images

The long weekend is here and we are back with another COGconnected cosplay feature. Last week, we shared with you some incredible cosplay from the Role Play Convention held in Germany. Previously, we posted some cosplay from the “Queen of Cosplay” herself, Jessica Nigri. Before that, we posted some NSFW Mortal Kombat cosplay from Tanya Korobova and some Cindy cosplay from Final Fantasy XV. Yes, we love cosplay that much! Every week we search high and low for the best cosplay around. This past week, we thought we would share with you some amazing cosplay from a true professional who is able to transform herself into anyone. Check out her killer Overwatch cosplay:

Widowmaker From Overwatch

cosplay alyson overwatch

As you can see, there is no character that cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha can’t turn herself into. Her cosplay is amazing. Check out another pic:

Female Titan From Attack On Titan

cosplay alyson ghost

Alyson has been a cosplay pro since 2014 and ever since her costumes have been the highlight of the many conventions she’s taken part in.

Captain Jack Sparrow

cosplay alyson pirates

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