PS4 Deals: Prey, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Outlast Trinity at Steep Discounts

PS4 Deals: Pick Up Prey, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Outlast Trinity On Sale Now

We’re back with your PS4 deals of the week! This time around, we’ve got Prey at 33% off, Horizon Zero Dawn at 28% off, and Outlast Trinity at an astounding 50% off.

Horizon Zero Dawn HERO

And those are our PS4 deals for this weekend. Check back for our Windows PC and Xbox One deals coming soon!

  • Miguel Azevedo

    A warning,Prey is unfortunately broken on PS4,full of game breaking bugs,bad framerate and framepacing issues,theres been no response from the developers to this known issues on the PS4 version,so please dont buy this game or support bad developers like Bethesda and Arkane Austin!