Netflix Castlevania’s Producer, Adi Shankar, Would Like to Work on a Metroid Anime

Shankar Would Push for a Darker Metroid Anime

Adi Shankar’s star continues to rise in the gaming world. In a recent Nintendo Life interview with Adi Shankar, the producer of Netflix’s Castlevania animated series, he name-dropped Metroid as another video game series to adapt. “Dark Metroid in the same anime style [as Castlevania],” Shankar said. Having Shankar create a Metroid anime would be pretty awesome as the sci-fi aspects of the game gels well with Shankar’s more adult takes on beloved IPs.

Metroid anime

Furthermore, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned in a Shareholder Q & A last month that Nintendo would like to make anime around its IP, “We want to make anime for Pikmin, Star Fox, Yoshi, etc. and distribute it freely, or integrate into games.”  Thus, I’m hoping the stars align for Nintendo and Shankar’s wishes as Shankar would be a great pick to be a showrunner. Plus, a Metroid anime with Shankar attached would generate a lot more buzz as the long dormant Nintendo IP makes its return to the gaming world with two new games on the way.

The producer currently keeping himself busy by working on an Assassin’s Creed animated series and the Nintendo Life interview reveals that the script of the second season of Castlevania is already done as well.

Source: Nintendo Life