Hangar 13 Gives Details for Mafia III’s Last DLC, ‘Sign of the Times’

Now the Mafia Takes Down Fanatics

We’re getting our third DLC pack for Mafia III, and it will add another change of pace to the experience. Faster, Baby! and the Stones Unturned DLCS gave us new, unique missions in different parts of New Orleans. In this new story adventure, players will be taking on a violent cult.

Mafia III

Sign of the Times pits Lincoln against Ensanglante. According to Hangar 13, they’re a group “hell-bent on restoring righteousness and order to New Bordeaux through violent rituals.” After discovering that they conduct their rituals with Sammy’s Bar, Lincoln vows to protect New Bordeaux from this new threat. The ensuing cat and mouse game leads our protagonist to the fringe of sanity as new tricks and mysteries of the cult unravel.

For this particular mission, players must conduct quite a bit of investigating with the tools at their disposal. We learn more in a blog post from the official website:

“There’s a mystery to solve with Lincoln searching for stray objects left behind, strange writing–you’ll even examine bodies for clues,” said Mafia III senior writer Ed Fowler. “By eyeballing the environment and using a blacklight flashlight to uncover hints, you’ll zero in on where The Ensanglante operate and what the hell their endgame is for New Bordeaux. At key points in this DLC, we have these investigation zones where you’ll methodically look for clues that reveal more of the truth… and it can quickly turn a corner where you’ll be dealing with cult members in tense firefights.”

Sign of the Times releases on July 25th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It comes as part of Mafia III’s Season Pass, which can be found for US $30 / £25 / AU $45. No price yet on the individual DLC, but expect said info as we approach release.

Will you be picking up the third and final DLC for Mafia III? Let us know your thoughts on this add-on in the comments below.

SOURCE: Press Release