Terry Crews Puts the Smack Down About Crackdown 3!

Terry Crews Just Lit Up a Hater, and It is GOLD

Look, I’m a Crackdown 3 skeptic. What makes the game so different from the rest of the franchise, and save the same game mechanics from looking like a horrible Sisyphus iteration? Terry Crews just blasted the taste outta my raw-ass mouth with a jaw-dropping example.

SA-LAP! Crackdown 3 being one of the major high profile (and almost only) upcoming exclusives for the Xbox One means it’s under the microscope of scrutiny from all sides. Except when you hire Terry Crews, the man cares about his image and what he stands behind. And Crews shows up to bat.

Terry Crews

Then the @Crackdown team had a lot of fun mocking all the way down with a deafening echo chamber of Terry Crews maniacally laughing.

This is the new grief GIF. I love it.

To his credit, the guy who made the comment took it in stride, playing along with Crews (who, in turn, played along with him). Crackdown 3 is coming out on Xbox One X and Windows 10 on November 7th.