Old-School Brawler 99Vidas Hits PS4, PS3, and PS Vita on July 18th for the West

99Vidas Will Support Up to Four Players for PS4 and PS3

If you’ve been hankering for a 2D beat’em up game, QUByte hopes to sate that streetfight lust by bringing 99Vidas to PS4, PS4, and PS Vita next week on July 18th. The game originally launched on Steam last year to some mixed reviews, but it may find an audience here for console players.

Some of the features from the trailer are as below:
– Cross-Buy (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita)
– Cross-Save
– Cross-Play (PS4 and PS3)
– 11 Playable characters
– Up to 4 players in Co-op (PS4 and PS3) local and online
– Story Mode with 6 levels
– 2 Bonus Levels
– 6 Challenging Boss Fights
– Versus Mode
– Survivor Mode
– Multiple Upgradable skills
– Multiple Weapons and Special Attacks

You’ll be able to use points accumulated in a stage to unlock combo and health upgrades for your brawlers at the end of each stage. Besides moving the character around, the game’s two attack buttons let your fighter go for quick punches or slow, but strong kicks. Plus, there’s a few combos and special attacks to master as well. With no block button, moving your character will be doubly important to get through the end of each stage.

From the trailer, the pixel work is pretty decent, but the character designs look a little bland. None of the characters seem to pop, but with a larger cast, you may find your favorite 99Vidas brawler yet.

Source: Gematsu