Xbox Multiplayer All-Access Event Launches This Weekend

Microsoft Giving Everyone Multiplayer Access This Weekend 

This week is all about the fans, as Microsoft has loads of stuff going on. From the backwards compatiblity sale on until Monday, to an all-access multiplayer event that has just gone live, Xbox gamers should have no problem finding something to do this weekend! Oh and did we mention that this event comes with a free to play game as well?


This weekend, Microsoft is inviting all Xbox Live members to play online with their friends for free on any game they own. This means that regardless of whether you have a Gold membership, you can play these games online! This event, titled the Multiplayer All-Access event, is on now until Monday, May 21st for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

And the news gets even better…Microsoft is also providing access to Minecraft: Xbox One Edition for free, which will allow all Xbox owners to jump into the action and find out what the game is all about. Here’s what Major Nelson, Larry Hyrb, had to say as he announced the event, “Need something new to play? How about trying out one of the best selling games on Xbox? All Xbox Live members on Xbox One will get a limited time free unlock of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to play from May 18-21. Log on and start creating and exploring new worlds with your friends where the only limit is what you can imagine.”

Check out the announcement video for the Xbox Multiplayer All-Access Weekend below and let us know your thoughts on the event in the comments below.  Is there a game you’ve been itching to get back online to play?