Star Citizen Earns an Insane $149 Million in Crowdfunding

Star Citizen Achieves Almost 150 Million in Crowdfunding

Over 1.8 million people have thrown their money into the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign with the hope that they will see the space simulator become a reality. The crowdfunding campaign has reached almost 150 million dollars and it is still growing!

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Today the crowdfunding campaign reached $149 million, which is absolutely crazy! Now there seem to be plenty of reasons for this story of success including the fact that Director Chris Roberts created a fantastic space saga! Some might argue that it was the best space saga of all time, and many are waiting impatiently for something even better with everything that Star Citizen promises. Check out the numbers for the crowdfunding campaign below.

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Now this clearly isn’t just a small niche of gamers, but rather a large group of people, almost 2 million, that want to see something great come from space once again! While some may be wondering if Electronic Arts, who still own the rights for Wing Commander, would consider doing something once again, but they have remained silent. They are obviously very busy with Star Wars Battlefront 2, while IP remains quiet after the Wing Commander Arena flop in 2007.

Cloud Imperium Games is continuing to build momentum, both financially and in popularity and they have built multiple development studios from scratch. Now, with a triple A budget and a huge following, they are on the same playing field as many big time publishers, and should be more than able to create the space dream for many gamers!

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Of course, with that said, only time will tell how successful the game will be, but the way it looks right now, with the hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, there should be no problems building some amazing space title for the ages.

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