Star Citizen Earns an Insane $149 Million in Crowdfunding

Star Citizen Achieves Almost 150 Million in Crowdfunding

Over 1.8 million people have thrown their money into the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign with the hope that they will see the space simulator become a reality. The crowdfunding campaign has reached almost 150 million dollars and it is still growing!

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Today the crowdfunding campaign reached $149 million, which is absolutely crazy! Now there seem to be plenty of reasons for this story of success including the fact that Director Chris Roberts created a fantastic space saga! Some might argue that it was the best space saga of all time, and many are waiting impatiently for something even better with everything that Star Citizen promises. Check out the numbers for the crowdfunding campaign below.

star citizen crowdfunding may 2017

Now this clearly isn’t just a small niche of gamers, but rather a large group of people, almost 2 million, that want to see something great come from space once again! While some may be wondering if Electronic Arts, who still own the rights for Wing Commander, would consider doing something once again, but they have remained silent. They are obviously very busy with Star Wars Battlefront 2, while IP remains quiet after the Wing Commander Arena flop in 2007.

Cloud Imperium Games is continuing to build momentum, both financially and in popularity and they have built multiple development studios from scratch. Now, with a triple A budget and a huge following, they are on the same playing field as many big time publishers, and should be more than able to create the space dream for many gamers!

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Of course, with that said, only time will tell how successful the game will be, but the way it looks right now, with the hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, there should be no problems building some amazing space title for the ages.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep it locked for more details as they arise.


  • Malakie

    While there are a few detractors out there we all know, there is a reason 1.8 million gamers have backed the game. I have heard MANY of the new players backed after simply seeing the alpha on a free to play weekend.. Just playing the alpha free to play was enough to convince them to help continue to fund the develop of Star Citizen.

    And each week in the new ATV’s, we clearly see the amazing technology they have had to engineer and develop that has never been done before.

    While it is true we are all impatiently waiting, the fact is we also all are willing to wait to insure that every dime spent is done so to insure the fidelity and capability and attention to detail, for once in a game, is adhered to.

    Yes, they could cut corners just like every other company does with their games… However that is not what WE the backers want and that is why we fund the game… to insure we DON’T get the same ole basic graphics design, linear game play style and repetitive rinse and repeat grind type game repetitiveness.

    The only way to insure that, is to fund the game to the level we all want because it is very very obvious, there is not one single publisher or major development company that is interested in creating a game the right way, the proper way and that is truly worth it.

    Today, we get charged $80 easy for a triple AAA game from well known companies.. games that within 2 years and usually dead and relegated to their end life status. Now, people can spend $40 which is combined with 1.8 million other backers to get a game that will most probably last decades easily.

  • Dariusz G. Jagielski

    You know what the say – a fool and his money…

    When this game finally flops, and it will, trust me on that, I’ll be there. And then I’ll tweet from my Twitter account, thedarkhog, “I’ve told you so. #starcitizenflop”.

    The reason it’ll flop is simple: This project (can’t say it’s game because it’s barely playable at this point) has every sign of “development hell” situation. Deadline not met? Check. Routinely switching technologies and even entire dev teams for certain parts of the project? Check. Talking to people about how awesome it will be without showing an actual, PLAYABLE proof? Check. Developers leaving because they don’t see a chance in hell it will be actually done in a reasonable timeframe and don’t want to waste their life at dead end job? Check. Multiple rounds of funding, most likely because funds have dried up due to mismanagement? Fucking. Check.

    This will be another NMS situation right there. Or DNF. Or Spore. It’ll just end up in tears and it will be glorious. And I’ll be there to tweet:

    “I’ve told you so. #starcitizenflop.”

    • Joe_Blober

      I will make it very short: #SChaterfail

      We abckers have seen prophecies of Doom (whit precise dates…) every single year since a certain indie develoepr declare war (again) against his intimate ennemy Chris Roberts. We got so much lies and attempt to offuscate readers I even made a blog about it, listing all lies and obfuscation. All 100% proven false.

      You serve us as usual: ” development hell + deadline not met + developers leaving…” and so on and promise of course a resounding flop.

      For rea

      • Dariusz G. Jagielski

        So looking forward to drinking your tears when the inevitable flop happens.

        Star Citizen is a textbook example of scope and feature creep.

        • Joe_Blober

          I hope you have a contingency plan because you may die from thirst 🙂

          • Dariusz G. Jagielski

            Better get a vodka too, so you can drink it in shame when it turns to be another game with broken promises and wasted potential just like NMS.

          • Joe_Blober

            Thanks good luck IRL man 🙂
            And see you in the verse…

          • Dariusz G. Jagielski

            Yeah, see you too. I strongly recommend follow my twitter, @thedarkhog so you can see my “I told you so” tweet when SC flops.

          • Joe_Blober

            I do not follow troll sorry. But you can twitt with the other Master troll clown… he is seeking for guys like you 🙂

      • Dariusz G. Jagielski

        Game of this scope simply can’t be done unless you’re Rockstar North/Ubisoft-level developer STUDIO (not some guy who worked on a DOS game where they couldn’t fix damn memory manager so they hacked it to make the error message look like a “thank you”) with proven track record AND have backing of a big publisher (EA or Microsoft level at least) AND have a couple of big investors.

        This game couldn’t be done properly on a $500 million budget, let alone $150 million.

        • Joe_Blober

          Well… you have the right to provide any comments. Unfortunately this comment does show you have no clue about what you are talking about both on required M$ and team needed to create a solo game and MMO… Both using the same engine and assets.

          One being released by Chapter starting end of 2017 or mid-2018 and the other getting patch and contents to achieve Beta status around end of 2018. One supporting each other, in terms of funds and worldwide visibility. You are totally out of context with your 500M$ or EA level.

          EA spend 60M$ on game… and spend 130 on marketing.
          CIG is using all pledges on game… Zero on marketing . this is a 3 to 4 times ration in favor of CIG versus EA.

          Both the current level of pledges (149M$) and developement time feet perfectly this project. At 100%.

          Now Cry me a River 🙂 (in connection of your last “tears” comment below).

          • Dariusz G. Jagielski

            “CIG is using all pledges on game… Zero on marketing.”

            And that’s why they’ll lose. Game of this scope and budget (even the measly $150m which is nowhere close to fulfilling Roberts’ vision (and remember, this is the man who instead of fixing memory manager error in Wing Commander basically just said “fuck it, let hack the thing instead of actually fixing the error, even though it’s probably against the license of it and make it say ‘Thanks for playing’ instead of the error message. Does anyone have a hex editor here?”), game of that scope and budget is only profitable if literally anyone buys the game.

            Rockstar can only afford to make GTA games with the budgets that GTA gets only because literally everyone, including people who in theory shouldn’t (read: kids) buys it. The day Rockstar releases a new GTA with even higher budget that GTA V got ($265m, which is only half as much as it would realistically cost to do everything SC promises) and no one will buy it, is the day Rockstar will end.

            But anyone is interested in “cops vs. robbers” games. Meanwhile, SC is a spacesim. Spacesims are already niche games and that niche is already well-served by EVE, Elite: Dangerous, No Man’s Sky and numerous smaller indie titles such as StarMade or Averion. It takes a lot of hubris, the special kind of it even, to think you can go against EVE without a major, and I mean MAJOR, SuperBowl Ad plus regular TV ads on top of that MAJOR marketing push.

            And no, I don’t ask anyone to trust me. I don’t trust anyone, even my own mother and you shouldn’t either. But this is how the news goes. What you are suffering from is simple sunken cost fallacy.

            And even if game does release this year (seriously though, it’ll be delayed again “to polish up the systems”), it won’t be what was promised over the years. It’ll be just another disappointment, a cautionary tale about overhyping your product, just like No Man’s Sky, Starforge and numerous games before that.

          • Joe_Blober

            I am not going to waste time trying to educate a troll. By definition it is an never ending job 🙂

            I let Readers enjoy your ranting. Clearly you have no clue about what you are talking about. Try to find another expertise like engineer in Nuclear, you wil have more chance to be credible 🙂

          • Dariusz G. Jagielski

            Oh, and aside to my marketing comment, I’ve talked about $500m put into game itself too. To market it well it would require another 100-200 millions of US dollars. With all the scope and feature creep they let in they have no chance in hell to do all of this on a $150m budget.

          • Joe_Blober

            CIG is not going to be a company after those 150M$… where have you seen on May 2017, CIG stop developing and receiving pledges?

            … and again you do not understand what you are talking about. For Readers not still aware of what CIG is developping:

            – Squadron 42 released in 3 Chapters, starting end of 2017 or mid-2018. The sales will bring extra cash (we are talking about 50M$ and this is a minimum)

            – Star Citizen (MMO) which by definition will never end until they shut down the servers.. Financed by both revenue from SQ42 and pledges. Total pledges so far: 149M$.
            Beta expected end of 2018. Further revenue though micro-transaction (which is the more valuable option for MMO which are making more cash through micro-transaction than by selling a copy of game…)

            Seriously Dariusz G. Jagielski go back to school learn the basic. You try to be show like an expert but you missed every basic point, this is embarrassing 🙂

          • Dariusz G. Jagielski

            Yes, because Squadron 42 wasn’t pushed back in the past. Oh wait, it was. Every single time, just as it was about to get released. Also CIG routinely switched dev teams around SQ42 which means product had troubled development. Dev teams for DNF were switched continuously too. We all know how DNF turned out to be.

            Also $50m at minimum? Seriously? Games like Star Citizen are a niche genre. Spacesims are a niche genre. Unless you are Call of Duty or GTA, you can’t even dream about making such rev without a very aggressive marketing push.

            Also, sorry to say that, but spacesim MMO is already occupied by EVE. Many have trie to take it on, but all those efforts had failed. I don’t believe that some bloke who was unable to fix memory manager error that made his game essentially crash as it was quit is capable of defeating CCP at their own game.

          • Joe_Blober

            A niche market… yes another “revelation” from your expertise? Mass Effect sold 10millions units… and SQ42 and SC are together bringing both solo and MMO players.

            EVE? Eve is absolutely not the pinnacle of Space sim. It did interest 10’s thousands… and switched to free to play (with subscribers option). EVE is a niche market in space game.
            Also you can name Elite Dangerous, Hellion, NMS…. all with pros and cons… all being and option for gamers.

            The more the better. And really you are ridiculous with your “unable to fix memory manager error”. So much a dreadful situation that nobody remember it (me included who played all Elite and Wing Commanders games). So true that he received 149M$ in his face 🙂

            Try harder. You are a really low level troll man and I am just answering you for the sake of Readers that can have fun with yours totally uneducated “arguments” 🙂

          • Dariusz G. Jagielski

            Mass Effect was a TPP shooter, not a space sim such as EVE, Elite (any Elite, really) or similar. Also it was marketed as fuck which SC isn’t. Even grandmas heard about Mass Effect. Guess what game they HAVEN’T heard of?

          • Dariusz G. Jagielski

            As for MMO thing? Remember that baseball guy from Rhode Island? It will end just like his MMO.

        • Paul

          That’s not true at all, you don’t honestly think someone like Rockstar really spent the amount of money on GTA 5 do you?, most of that money didn’t even go on the game, Star Citizen already has a budget far bigger than GTA 5 thats going towards the game, they also have far less waste being they are independent so the money goes much further, also, the money keeps rolling in and if thats not enough, it’s a PC exclusive so that lowers the cost down without having to worry about ports.

  • Paul

    You know, I’ve been following this project and many others over the years and I have to say that what they are doing with this game is revolutionary compared to what I’ve seen in other games, we’ve all heard the triple a games, Star Citizen could be our first Quad a game, most gamers that are not following the project don’t realise how far ahead this game is compared to others in what they are trying to do and if they delivers just half of what they promise, it could blow away all other triple a titles..

    Personally, I backed it because I’m grateful that someone is trying to do something new, something big and not the same rubbish we keep getting on consoles, if it fails, well at least they tried and if it succeeds, it could change gaming and raise the bar pretty high, it will also show what the PC can do without consoles holding it back.