Two GameStop Exclusive Funko Pop! Toys Coming in the Month of May

Borderlands and Elder Scrolls Themed GameStop Exclusive Funko Pop! Toys Hit Shelves This Month

Here’s a bit of a riddle… April showers bring May ____? If you guessed Funko Pop! toys, then you’re correct! Two GameStop exclusive Funko Pop! toys are coming out this month, themed after Borderlands and Elder Scrolls, to add some cartoony enlightenment to your rigorous gaming sessions. Each series is getting one new character added to the list, and they’re absolutely adorable. Want to check them out for yourself? Well, look no further than the images below:

Gamestop exclusive funko Gamestop exclusive funko

Commando Claptrap is an incognito robot perfect for any Borderlands fanatic and Glow in the Dark Vivec from Elder Scrolls is sure to illuminate your long nights of role-playing. Commando Claptrap is a Funko Pop! figure modeled after one of the many skins you can collect in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, complete with a snazzy Borderlands beret. The Glow in the Dark Vivec is painted with a glowing blue tint, but this ultra-exclusive designer toy is only available with GameStop PowerUp Rewards.

Will you be picking up these GameStop exclusive vinyl Funko Pop! toys? Do you think GameStop is on a path to redeeming itself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!