ARMS Leak Ahead of Nintendo Direct Reveals 3 New Characters

Update: You can find the full ARMS Direct video below

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Not Only Are We Seeing New Characters but New Multiplayer Footage

We probably don’t have much time before this video gets taken off YouTube. But it worth noting what’s new in this reveal. ARMS is coming for the Nintendo Switch and will be one of the first games to fully utilize the console’s HD Rumble controllers. And today, we have the opportunity to see new footage since the Nintendo Switch Presentation. You can view it all below:

On top of the reveal of three new characters: Twintelle, Byte & Barq, and Kid Cobra, we now know there’s a 2v2 mode in the game. If that tells us anything, it’s that there will definitely be multiple Nintendo Switches per household. Or, there will be plenty of HD Rumble controllers flying off shelves.

Furthermore, as the voiceover explains, you are tethered to teammates can change up your arms at the beginning of each match. What follows is a chaotic brawl the likes of which we usually see in Super Smash Bros. Fun on top of mayhem.


ARMS is a competitive playground that lets players manipulate characters through Nintendo Switch’s special motion controllers. We expect to hear more from the Nintendo Direct presentation later today. Additionally, there will be a hands-on event at this year’s E3.

Be sure to check back for more major updates as they come our way. Until then,

Happy gaming.