PSVR’s Farpoint gets a New Story Trailer that is Absolutely Riveting

Can Farpoint’s Narrative Change Player Outlook on VR Gaming?

VR has come a long way, albeit not at the pace developers would prefer. But there’s always an opportunity for a new game to push the platform’s market strength; in this case, one that takes you 800,000 light-years away from earth. Here is Farpoint, the incredibly immersive sci-fi experience as previewed in the latest trailer. See it below:

Farpoint debuted at last year’s E3 and pulled players with its environmental engagement. Notably, it is one of few VR titles of its kind, offering an FPS experience on top of beautiful graphics and narrative. It even offers a co-op experience to explore the new world with a buddy. But this latest trailer is the first in-depth showcase of the game’s exploration aspect. It is almost cinematic, and for that reason, it may turn into one of VR’s first must-own experiences, following the path of Resident Evil VII.

Stranded on an unknown planet, surrounded by wholly unfamiliar species and habitats, you must reunite with colleagues after a scientific expedition to Jupiter goes awry. But, beware of hostile alien life-forms.

Farpoint is one of the first titles to be designed in mind with a special controller. The VR Aim Controller by Sony was designed specifically for first-person shooters, which likely entails optimal functionality, therefore immersion. We’ll see once the game arrives and players start testing the controller with the various in-game weapons. And there are quite a few.

Farpoint FPS VR top screen

You can pick up Farpoint on May 16 for PSVR.  It will be available as a standalone copy for $49.99 or bundled with the PSVR Aim Controller for $79.99. Let us know your thoughts on this upcoming VR title by commenting down below. Could it shape the way people look at VR? Then don’t forget to check back with COGconnected for more interesting news and tidbits as they come. Happy gaming.