Resident Evil 7 DLC Misses Window, Dev Team Eaten Alive

Resident Evil 7 DLC Has to Reschedule

Resident Evil 7’s free DLC, titled “Not A Hero” has been delayed. The Dev Team for the game, which included Producer Masachika Kawata and Director Koshi Nakanishi, released a video on YouTube explaining the delay. The two greeted the camera with deep bows.

According to the team, the DLC “was not good enough to meet” the high expectations of the game after the sales and critical praise for the full release, which dropped in January. And boy, is that bar HIGH.

Resident Evil 7 DLC Delayed

THEN they drag out the Executive Producer Jun Takeuchi, who has nothing new to say, and reiterates the exact same statement of both Kawata and Nakanishi. It feels like someone was punishing them and trotting their faces out for all to see who was at fault. On the other hand – rarely does a title publicly apologize for delays and missed release dates, so it was refreshing to see the team take responsibility and apologize for the delay.

No new release window for Not A Hero has been given although the team did reveal that it is also working on more DLC for Resident Evil 7. They hope to release further DLC within the predicted windows without further delay.

“Not A Hero” will feature Chris Redfield (CHRIIIIIS!) in a separate adventure to the main game. He made a brief appearance at the end of Resident Evil 7, although some fans were skeptical it was the real Chris Redfield. From the release of the DLC (and the screenshot hanging behind Kawata and Nakanishi), it looks like Chris has entered the fight. You see a bunch of jacked dudes with big, intimidating assault rifles, you can bet it’s Chris Redfield and his expendable partner that will most certainly die in this game/DLC in a horrific fashion.

You can watch the full video below: