Turtle Beach Shows Nintendo Switch Some Love With a Slew of Glorious Headsets

Turtle Beach Shows Rolls Out Nintendo Switch Headsets

Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, launched March 3rd and if you were one of the lucky few to get your hands on the much-anticipated device you may be thinking to yourself, how can I get myself some sweet new cans? Of course, when you’re gaming on-the-go you’ll want to experience the Switch’s audio capabilities, preferably without disturbing anyone else around you. Accordingly, you’ll need a proper gaming headset and luckily Turtle Beach has many models that are compatible right out-of-the-box with the Nintendo Switch.

So today, we have for your Turtle Beach lineup of headsets for the Switch.

RECON Series

The Turtle Beach Recon 50X White headset plugged into the Nintendo Switch.

Any of TB RECON 50 series (which include the RECON 50 for PC, RECON 50X for Xbox One, and RECON 50P for PS4) will work flawlessly with the Switch. Simply plug the headset into the Switch’s headphone jack and you’re all set.

If you own the RECON 60P for PS4, you will have to omit the use of its USB amplifier, and instead plug the headset directly into the Nintendo Switch. In this sense, it functions exactly as a RECON 50 headset.

Turtle Beach Switch Recon


The Turtle Beach PX24 headset with SuperAmp plugged into the Nintendo Switch.

The PX24 packs a lot of power into a slim package, due in no small part to the innovative SuperAmp. Thankfully, you won’t miss out using key features like Virtual Surround Sound and Superhuman Hearing, as the PX24 is fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

Turtle Beach Switch PX24


The Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset plugged into the Nintendo Switch.

The premiere eSports headset, the ELITE PRO, is also fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Your ears will thank you as they indulge in a plush, cooling-gel infused heaven provided by the ELITE PRO’s innovative ear cushions.

Turtle Beach Elite pro


The Turtle Beach XO FOUR Stealth headset plugged into the Nintendo Switch.

You’ll have no problem using our flagship Xbox One headset models with your Nintendo Switch. The XO ONE, XO FOUR Stealth, and XO SEVEN Pro models all seamlessly plug into the Nintendo Switch’s headphone jack.

Turtle Beach Switch XO

Stealth 350VR

The Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR headset plugged into the Nintendo Switch.

As with the other models presented here, the STEALTH 350VR is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch. And with its battery-powered amplification, the STEALTH 350VR provides a lovely extra kick of audio goodness out of Nintendo’s newest device.

Turtle Beach Stealth

As you can see, there are several terrific options if you’re looking for Turtle Beach headsets that work with the Nintendo Switch right out the gate. And if you already own any of the above models, all the better!

Source: Press Release