New Steven Universe Game Hitting Consoles this Summer

‘Steven Universe: Save the Light’ will Debut at PAX East this Weekend

Grumpyface Studios and Cartoon Network achieved the impossible back in 2015 by releasing ‘Steven Universe: Attack the Light,’ a mobile RPG that felt like a real game. Now, a sequel is coming to consoles this summer. Titled ‘Save the Light,’ this next installment is coming to consoles later this year. Cartoon Network titles have had limited success as console releases, most notably the Adventure Time series.┬áIt remains to be seen whether Steven and his cohorts will buck this trend, even in light of the previous title’s critical success.

Steven Universe Save the Light

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific release date beyond ‘summer,’ but that’s only a few months away. The previous installment was a turn-based RPG that used timed attacks and blocking in a Paper Mario-esque manner, with great success. Even gamers who aren’t fans of the show may find something to dig into here. While there’s little in the way of information at this point, we’ll hopefully have a release date and gameplay footage soon.

SOURCE: Kotaku