Sony’s New Trademarks Could Hint at a New PS4 Exclusive in the Works

Never Be Surprised If Sony Is Working on New, Ground-Breaking Games

There have been some interesting developments in the gaming world; specifically, Sony’s got their hands on some new filings. Moreover, the registrar is the same one that registered trademarks for the Decima Engine and Guerrilla Games’¬†Horizon Zero Dawn. That’s how we know something special is in the works, what may be a new app and a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


The question now is what the trademarks “V” and “Sleepwalker” represent. BOULT WADE TENNANT has filed “SleepWalker” under a class typically reserved for video games. It is thanks to Segmentnext that we know those classes are 9 and 41. At the same time, “V” is filed under several, encrypting our entire understanding of what Sony could have in development there. Have a look see.


Thanks to all the classifications in 9, 11, 12, 14, 35, 38, 41, and 42, there’s an entire cadre of assets this suspected device could incorporate. We suspect something mobile or an app. For all we know, it could be for that Nintendo Switch copy Sony blueprinted some time back. You never know. “V” is a curiosity and we’re unsure–but wouldn’t be surprised– if it is gaming related. Given that Sony has worked towards building more programs that operate alongside PS4, like PS Vue, another such instrument is possible.

“Sleepwalker,” however,” is a peculiar name that has our attention, especially in this pre-E3 environment. So far, Sony hasn’t failed in its presentation of new software for its consoles. The trademark was filed on December 12, 2016, while “V” was just filed on March 20. We hope to learn more soon and suspect more such info will inconspicuously¬†pop up around the gaming sphere.

We’ll keep you posted. Simply stay tuned for more of the latest before E3 and beyond. Until then, happy gaming.


  • Mark Neill

    “V”. A.k.a., “5”. As in, “PS5”?

    Nice cats:
    * 9: Covers “computers”
    * 11: Home Automation/environmental controls?
    * 12: Vehicles. Wha?
    * 14: Precious metals. Wha wha?
    * 35: Services – Advertising, Office admin, business functions
    * 38: Services – Telecommunications
    * 41: Services – Entertainment
    * 42: Services – Computer hardware engineering and design

    As the article says, 9 and 41 are expected for games. 35, 38, and 42 are probably applicable for systems. That leaves…

    14, precious metals? Maybe a new application for the way they’re gold- or other-plating hardware components.

    But…11 and 12? Environmental controls and vehicles? That almost seems to imply some sort of “converged” device. Something that controls your Nest, Hue, and IoT stuff in your house, while allowing you to dock it in your car to be a mobile hardware solution, a la the hardwire DVD/GPS systems that are fairly common today.