SEGA Gives Project Sonic 2017 a Name at SXSW – Sonic Forces

SEGA’s Panel at SXSW Revealed the New Name for Project Sonic 2017 – Sonic Forces

SXSW has tons of treats in store for gaming fanatics, and SEGA definitely didn’t skimp out on a tasty new reveal. During their panel today, they didn’t necessarily reveal a new trailer (it was the same video from last summer) but something exciting appeared at the end for fans that stuck around long enough. The project’s name switched from Project Sonic 2017 to Sonic Forces.

sonic forces

So there you have it, the solidified title for the upcoming sonic game will be Sonic Forces! The game intends to launch this holiday season, and SEGA announces that the game will have both heroes and villains duking it out for control.

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