Hero-U Gives Details on Upcoming Access and Improved Graphics

After Years of Progress and Multiple Campaigns, Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption Gives Details on Upcoming Access and Shows off Improved Graphics

As Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption edges towards completion, they’re getting ready to open their doors to alpha/beta testing. It seems like it’s been forever, but they’ve been working on major improvements to get the game where it needs to be. The¬†upcoming RPG adventure game¬†was Kickstarted back in 2012 by the creators of Quest for Glory and now, after almost five years, backers will soon be able to get their hands on the early stages of the game.


While they warn players that the testing phase won’t look particularly glamorous (it is and early build after all) these tests will be set up for each individual backer to focus on, ensuring thorough testing of the game areas and events. On a Kickstarter update, they said that this testing schedule will begin within the next few months in two phases titled “Castle Alpha” and “Castle Targeted Beta.” Team members and “insider” backer volunteers will be scheduled to run through these open early phases and identify bugs and issues that need to be addressed before completion, which is something that is vital to the game’s progression.

They’ve also been making some updates to their gaming engine, which has made beautiful changes to the game’s graphics and environment. In this comparison in particular, you can see the difference in lighting between the two scenes, making a richer and bolder environment for the player.





Although the upgrade from Unity 4.7 to Unity 5.5 does make a beautiful difference, the lack of a deadline is still something that is heavily concerning. Initially, they raised $409,150 for the project, but later on they needed to come back to Kickstarter and ask for additional funding. Their second campaign raised $116,888, with an estimated delivery of all their backer tiers being delivered in 2013, which left many Kickstarter backers on both campaigns fairly unhappy.

This testing schedule release is a good sign of progress, at least.