Guerrilla Staff on Ambition, Aloy and Horizon: Zero Dawn

 Guerrilla Staff Talk About Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Iconic Main Character

Members of Guerrilla Games spoke about their most recent smash hit, Horizon: Zero Dawn in an interview this week. The Guerrilla staff had some interesting insights on their iconic main character and the positive effects of ambition in regards to overall quality.

Horizon Zero Dawn TOP SCREEN - Override Strider horizon zero dawn accolade trailer

Managing Director Hermen Hulst mentioned the difference between this and previous Guerrilla Games, noting that it’s “different to have a very iconic lead character in the game.” Previous Guerrilla titles such as Killzone put all of the creative focus on the enemies. For Horizon: Zero Dawn, the staff wanted “a character that people can relate to.”

Michiel van der Leeuw, the game’s Art Director, spoke about Aloy in terms of her connection to fans and even cosplayers. He suggested that “people pick up on her imperfections because she’s a real person.”

Narrative Director John Gonzalez also spoke about the game, the staff at Guerrilla and the different atmosphere present at the company. He won’t be moving on just yet, stating that “people really care about the high quality of the product” at Guerrilla Games. Rather than ambition for the sake of the bottom line, this is ambition in service of the product or their work.

The passion and commitment at play here are readily apparent, given the critical and commercial accolades the game has already received. You can check out our own thoughts on Horizon: Zero Dawn here.

SOURCE: Wccftech