New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailers Tease Us As The Release Draws Near

The Newest Trailers Reminds Us That “Earth Is Ours No More” 

We are in the home stretch for Horizon Zero Dawn! The Sony Exclusive title is due out in less than 2 weeks and Guerilla Games has given us a few new trailers in the interim. The first trailer is aptly named “Earth Is Ours No More”. It speaks to the reclamation of our lost world by nature and the mysterious machines that come to replace us. Check it out below!

This trailer drives home the dystopian approach as we see our world rapidly degrade in the beginning. The cinematic trailer hints at a mysterious event that causes the world to go dark and “everything was plunged into darkness.” Aloy handles some of the more dangerous machine animals, showing that humans are no longer the top of the pyramid.

The newest trailer is “Explore The Wild” gives players a look at the enormous post-apocalyptic world. We see canyons, snow-capped mountain ranges, and riverside villages. The trailer really drives home the scope of this game, check it out.

Following the trailers with the mechanical beasts that we have covered, these trailers cement the fact that players will be facing a world of exploration and danger.

As previously stated, Horizon Zero Dawn will release on Feb 28th, and in Europe on Mar 1st. Guerilla Games also announced that a Day One patch will be available. The patch will be around 250MB, and they will share notes about it on launch day. The hype train is large for Horizon, speculation places the game as a new franchise with an iconic heroine for Sony.

Do you feel as much excitement as we do? Have you kept up to date on all the trailers? Let us know what you think in the comments below.