Mass Effect Andromeda Releases New Video Series Covering Combat, Skills, and Weapons

Bioware’s New Video Series Will Let Us Get A Closer Look At Gameplay and Combat

Bioware launches a new trailer today that keeps the information flowing on its upcoming title Mass Effect: Andromeda. The spotlight trailer highlights the game’s combat, skills, and weapons letting players see the types of options for strategy they will have in the game. Check it out!

This video is the first of a projected video series for the game that will highlight gameplay. We won’t ruin the trailer for you, but we will just break down what the video looks at. As previously stated, this trailer is taking a look at combat, skills, and weapons.

The trailer first introduces us to weapons. Looks like players will have access to all weapon types, regardless of skill set. The weapons are broken down by type and technology. For type you have snipers/assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and melee weapons. They are then broken down by where the technology comes from: Milky Way Weapons, Remnant Weapons, and Helixes Weapons. The trailer gives more specs on each type and category.

mass effect andromeda

We then get a quick lesson on the skills and abilities. Players have easy access between the three categories, with no restrictions. Combat that lets you focus on weapons, gear, and obviously combat. Technology that focuses on experimental weaponry and strategic improvements for your squad. Finally, Biotics focus on letting you focus on disruptive powers and using the environment around you.

The trailer then shows some tactical combinations, but we will let you discover that on your own. So what do you think? How hyped are you for the customizable skills in Andromeda? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more on Mass Effect: Andromeda!