Lightning Is the Most Desired Final Fantasy Girlfriend, According to Poll

That Makes Final Fantasy XIII #1 for Waifu-seeking Gamers

As many students walk down the hypothetical avenues of their potential, they often find themselves asking the tough questions. Such questions may include, “Which Final Fantasy girl would make the best girlfriend?” Well, according to a poll from a student-oriented website in Japan, Lightning is the most desired partner of immateriality. That makes her the number 1 waifu for your Final Fantasy dreams.

Final Fantasy XIII

Numerically speaking, however, it was 17 out of 200 students that chose Lightning(8.5%). The top five list is as follows:

  1. Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII (17 votes: 8.5%)
  2. Yuna from Final Fantasy X (13 votes: 6.5%)
  3. Tifa from Final Fantasy VII (9 votes: 4.5%)
  4. Serah from Final Fantasy XIII (8 votes: 4%)
  5. Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII (6 votes: 3%)

You’ll definitely note the extra love towards Final Fantasy XIII. As polarizing as that game was, students agree that it had some serious waifu talent. We even have some of the reasons behind this picks: Students like Lightning for her “tsundere-ish” tendencies and “dignified personality”; Yuna, on the other hand, is “cute.” Go figure. But she was also chosen because of the aura of “purity” surrounding her.

Then, a choice surprising to no one, Tifa from Final Fantasy VII made the cut at #3. Her appearance appeals to gamers, the reason she made the list; at the same time, students things she would be a great travel partner.

But all things considered, everyone has their personal pick, and she’s probably not on this list. A total of 19% were from Final Fantasy XIII, 8% from Final Fantasy X, and 6.5% were from Final Fantasy VII. 

SO who do you think should make this list? Comment down below and do let us know. There’s always an argument to be made in matters of waifus. So go nuts.