SEVEN: The Days Long Gone – New Parkour and Assassination Filled Trailer

SEVEN: The Days Long Gone Gets a New Parkour and Assassination Filled Trailer

A brand new trailer for SEVEN: The Days Long Gone shows off what it really takes to be a truly great thief. And trust me, being a good thief isn’t easy, but it sure is fun. You can watch all the sneaky, stealthy, assassiny action in the trailer below!

Of course, being a thief comes with its own difficulties. You have to live in the shadows, you have more enemies than friends, and you have to do some things that… well… aren’t very pretty. But it doesn’t come without perks. The adrenaline rush, the treasures. It’s all so, so worth it.

Sneak through a series of checkpoints in a beyond post-apocalyptic, sandbox wasteland and secure the transfer stations to transfer your cargo. Hack central units and unlock fast travel routes for completely undetected transport. Not only can you move about the world horizontally, but also vertically, allowing for completely free movement around the world. The RPG portion of the game allows you to experience storylines rich with conspiracy, discovery, and betrayal in a Dark Age filled with mysterious technology.

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Seven: The Days Long Gone Top Screen

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