Hideo Kojima Shows Off Crazy Cool Horizon: Zero Dawn LEGO Set

Horizon: Zero Dawn LEGO + Hideo Kojima = Amazing


LEGO is awesome. A simple statement that literally no one would ever argue. It’s the world’s number one toy for a reason (because awesome, remember?) and someway, somehow it just got even better. In a series of tweets yesterday, the legendary mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima himself showed off his very own Horizon: Zero Dawn LEGO set. Go ahead, be jealous.

If you’ve been following along you might know that Kojima’s upcoming title Death Stranding is being built with Guerilla Games’ Decima Engine so perhaps extending that partnership to include a killer LEGO set was just the next natural step in their relationship. Whatever the reason, it sure is cool to see one of Zero Dawn‘s Tallnecks come to life. The first tweet showed only pieces of the set which left followers wondering what the end result could be.

This was followed by the final, put together product of course and it’s nothing short of amazing. A badass Tallneck complete with Aloy character!

What you might not be aware of is that there’s actually a bit of a story behind this LEGO magic. A Guerilla Games fan named Wayne de Beer created the initial build and GG’s Community Manager Jeroen Roding ended up reaching out to ask for instructions on how to recreate it back in the studio. Putting those instructions to good use they sent this wonder over to Kojima and officially made us some of the most jealous people on the planet.

Now if only LEGO would actually create this set for purchase! That’s highly unlikely of course so for now we can only hope…