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Sonic Frontiers Video Review

Let’s address the elephant in the room. This game looks like it has drawn a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sonic Frontiers takes place in a huge open world and you can approach obstacles and challenges in any way. However, it achieves very different things than BotW.

Using Sonic’s abilities, exploring these vast islands is a lot of fun. They look very empty and lonely, but they are full of secrets, side missions, mini-stages, and puzzles. Every rail or jump pad leads somewhere new.

Sonic Frontiers Review

There are several types of gameplay sequences you will find yourself playing. Sonic fights huge Shadow of the Colossus-type bosses. In Sonic Frontiers, there are platforming puzzles, short stages with branching paths, and mini-games that all offer small rewards. Even though these sections play very differently, they all somehow make use of Sonic’s vocabulary of abilities and skills.

Sonic games have a rich legacy of music. Sonic Frontiers is no different. The action sequences are punctuated with appropriately wild guitars, while the overworld music is soft and somber.

The environments looks really good. Grass, stone, and all the natural elements take a more realistic approach, visually. That does not mesh too well with the Sonic aesthetic we know, but who are we to argue? There are also performance and quality settings for you to toggle between. Hopefully, that will help you find the appreciation for Sonic Frontiers.

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