Logitech G903 Wireless Mouse Review – You’ll Forget It’s Wireless

Logitech G903 Review

Traditionally, there have always been two problems with wireless mice. The first is that they always need fresh batteries or to get recharged. The second is that they tend to suffer from a certain amount of input lag. The Logitech G903 and G703 wireless gaming mice attempt to solve these problems. How well do they succeed? Well, that depends on how much you’re willing to invest in this particular set of problems.

To elaborate, the G703/G903 line of gaming mice are part of a larger set, one that’s completed by the Powerplay Wireless Charging System. If you invest in this charging pad along with one of these two mice, you’ll have a wireless mouse with almost no input lag that never runs out of battery power. Without this pad, you’ve still got a pretty terrific gaming mouse, it just needs to be tethered to a specialized USB cable once in a while. For my review of these mice, I was hooked up to the charging pad the whole time, so I’ve got no valuable input on things like battery life. Just know that if you’re willing to put up the extra scratch, you can have a wireless mouse that lasts forever.


“If you’re willing to put up the extra scratch, you can have a wireless mouse that lasts forever.”

Back to the main event, the Logitech G703/G903 gaming mice. The lion’s share of my play time was spent with the G903. At first, this feel like a pretty standard mouse, at least until you start poking around at some of the more mysterious buttons. There’s a button on the mouse that lets you adjust the scroll wheel, as well as two buttons that change how fast your mouse moves across the screen. On top of that, you can pop off and change the side buttons, adding or removing them as needed. This mostly just lets you switch which hand is using said mouse, which is still useful. The ‘G’ glows in accordance with your personal preferences. You can even sync it up with the charging pad if that’s your jam.

Logitech G903

These mice boast an eSports-level response time to prevent any input lag during critical match moments. At least, this is the advertised capability of the product. From my perspective, these gaming mice perform as well as a good wired model. I didn’t notice any input lag whatsoever, but I don’t play PC games at a high enough skill level for that to matter. I’m no slouch, mind you. I’m just not so surgically precise that my gaming sessions are going to suffer from inferior performances due to hardware issues.

Regardless of my non-eSports inclinations, I was still determined to put this mouse through its paces. I fired up Strafe, Serious Sam 3 and Diablo 3, with a little bit of Nuclear Throne tossed in for good measure. I found that the second of the three DPI settings worked best for gaming, with the other two being too fast or slow for me. Like a particularly delicious bowl of porridge, the middle setting was just right. Between the two scroll wheel settings, I landed on the clickier one. That extra bit of resistance keeps you from getting displaced in the middle of an important task, such as reading or shootin’ dudes. Once again, I found myself forgetting that these mice were wireless. Playing gives you no indication that any latency is even a factor in your movements. The only possible impediments to gaming are settings you can manually tweak and your own skill level. In both cases, I’m crystal clear as to where the fault lies. I never felt like the mice were holding me back in any way.


“I found myself forgetting that these mice were wireless.”

Of the two problems posed in the beginning of this review, the Logitech G703/903 solves one quite handily. You never feel like you’re using a wireless mouse, or at least I didn’t. You’re still tethered to a charging cord, unless you invest in the Charging Pad as well. It’s an extra up-front cost, but your charging days are over once you have it. The mouse design for both models is ergonomic and sleek, with a little room for customization if you’re picky like that. If you live in mortal dread over the thought of your mouse dying at a key moment in some future competition, it will be a lot easier to drop the extra cash for the charging pad. Even if you don’t wake up in the dead of night clawing for a USB cable, the convenience is hard to resist. I can easily recommend the G703 or the G903 if you’re in the market for a hot new wireless mouse.

***The product was provided by the manufacturer***


The Good

  • No input lag to speak of
  • Charging Pad eliminates battery concerns
  • Ergonomic design

The Bad

  • Charging Pad ain’t cheap
  • Not sure why there’s two scroll wheel settings
  • Limited button customization