Trinity Fusion is a Fun Take on a Familiar Formula

Trinity Fusion Preview

Trinity Fusion is a rogue-lite action platformer from developer Angry Mob Games. If “rogue-lite action platformer” sounds familiar, it should, seeing as the genre has gained massive popularity in recent years. Trinity Fusion does a few things differently that sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. Having just come out in Early Access, I do recognize that the title will continue to iterate and improve over time.

True to the title of the game, Trinity Fusion features three characters with unique abilities and weapons to choose from. The three characters are actually parallel versions of the main character looking to save the multiverse. Long story short, the world was split into three, all of which have warped to the worst versions of themselves. As expected for a game in Early Access, the story remains incomplete. To be fair, the game does not rely on its story to push the action forward.

The gameplay loop of Trinity Fusion is where the game shines, featuring well-paced combat and interesting weapons. Rather than going from room to room, the platforming aspects of the game shine with a bit more exploration than usual. Add in some hidden rooms and multiple teleporters, it was hard not to explore for longer than you would like. That said, the combat is still the bread and butter of the game. With interesting weapons and abilities, Trinity Fusion’s combat is fast and enjoyable. There are some tricky elements, particularly when trying to target enemies on the ceiling or in the air. I expect that those issues will be resolved over time.

Jump and Stumble

Where Trinity Fusion might stumble a bit is in the early goings. While there isn’t much of a learning curve in terms of understanding the game, the beginning is relatively slow for a game focused on action. At the start, enemies were sparse, the levels felt linear, and I was itching for cool new weapons. Over time, progressing through some portions unlocked story beats and a jump into the regular gameplay loop portion of Trinity Fusion

The visuals of Trinity Fusion are what one might expect from a sci-fi-based game, which works well for the game. The different environments across the multiverse are unique and easily identifiable, though perhaps lacking the color saturation that some may prefer. Lastly, the game runs smoothly with great action visuals across the player character, enemies, weapons, and environment. I can only imagine that the game will continue to improve these elements over time as the game heads out of Early Access.

Despite having just been released into Early Access, Trinity Fusion is a relatively polished package. While there is plenty to improve upon over time, it is safe to say that there is not a glaring issue or weakness of the title at this time. Despite a slower start and the potential for players to not enjoy the neutral tones of the game’s color, Trinity Fusion has a lot going for it. We look forward to seeing the game continue to grow over time towards its eventual “1.0” release.

*** An Early Access code was provided by the publisher ***