Homesick Hands-On Preview – A Promising Creepy Puzzle Game

I managed to get some hands on time with it at PAX East back in March. For an adventure game to grab my attention, it needs to be involving, mysterious, and give me the need to carry on and try to solve the mystery at hand. I’m pleased to say that Homesick pulled me in quickly.

The gameplay in Homesick has you exploring your environment for clues to figure out what is happening around you. At first the world seems to be very barren and devoid of life, but if you look closely you could find the tools you need to shine some light on your situation. Some of the puzzles in the game involve working in both light and in the dark – so those afraid of the dark be warned. I was stumped on a few puzzles early on, but solving them was very rewarding. That is what I want from a good adventure game.

There are also a lot of hidden meanings that I didn’t clue into at first, until I started linking certain objects like photos, books and children’s drawings together, and the game’s world quickly got a lot deeper. There are messages strewn about, but you need to decipher a strange alphabet in order to dig deeper into the mysteries.

The game runs on the Unreal Engine, and looks amazing and creepy at the same time. Your surroundings look like no one has been around in decades, but here you are wandering long decaying hallways, and rotting apartments with signs of someone who used to live there. Lighting effects are a big part of this game and are pulled off in very clever ways. The rotting and decayed atmosphere is conveyed really well.

The game runs on the Unreal Engine, and looks amazing and creepy at the same time.”


A good adventure always needs a good soundtrack to go along with it, and from what I have heard so far they are definitely on the right track. Haunting melodies fit perfectly as you explore your surroundings. The sound effects round out things nicely, setting the mood right where it should be for a game like this.

Although Homesick is still in development, it has me wanting more, and left me with a feeling of wonder which I’ve found rare to find in the genre lately. I honestly had a hard time writing this without giving away any spoilers. Personally I believe this is a perfect game for anyone who enjoys adventure and is seeking more depth to their games. Definitely one to check out!