Cat Quest III is Bright, Colorful, and Family-Friendly

Cat Quest III Preview

Do you like cat-based puns? Are you a fan of all things feline? Or maybe you’re just into chill RPGs with a kitty-cat theme. If any of these is true, mark your date book for a playthrough of Cat Quest III, coming in 2024 from developer The Gentlebros and Kepler Interactive.

If you’ve played the previous Cat Quest games, you’ll feel right at home and know what to expect. Cat Quest III is an action RPG, set in an open world. Thematically, it’s a pirate game with cats, rats, and other animals and monsters. Kudos to Gentlebros for the staggering number of cat jokes. One of my favorites is a weapon called the Blunderpuss.

Like all swashbuckling pirate adventures, a treasure awaits at the end of the quest, the possibly-mythical booty called the Northern Star. Along the way, you’ll puzzle-solve, collect loot, hunt, and fight many of the game’s main enemies. Pi-rats.

Yo, ho, yo ho, a Pirate Cat I See

For the third installment, your character has a ship with which to sail around the open world’s archipelago. Moving between sailing and land is one-button simple and instantaneous. Your ship has an arsenal of cannons and other weapons to attack enemies and structures from the safety of the ocean. Once you’ve softened up the foes, your pirate cat can jump to shore and attack with a wide range of blades, bows, and other gear. In line with other Cat Quest games, the RPG elements are pretty standard. You upgrade gear, craft consumables, etc.

The game’s 2.5D art is bright, colorful, and family-friendly. The map design splits the difference between an out-of-scale, overworld-style map and something closer to a traditional action RPG, but there aren’t a lot of gritty details. Instead, there’s just a lot of character, humor, and fun adventuring.

Any RPG fan who’s grown weary of grimdark adventures will enjoy Cat Quest III’s change of pace. Just be prepared to do a lot of happy eye-rolling over the puns.

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