12 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Gamers 2018

4 – Mega Man Air Freshener

Maybe your bestie loves Mega Man, maybe they just need to take a hint: this is the bite-sized gift that just keeps giving, especially when it’s dangling from the rearview mirror of a car that’s seen just one too many Taco Bell wrappers. Staying inventive when it comes to small, geeky gifts is important, and this Mega Man air freshener ticks both boxes.

3 – Retro Handhelds

It might take up most of the space, but there are a lot of us out there who can’t remember what we did with our original Game Boy Colors and PSPs, and the nostalgia boost to our hearts and minds would cancel out any holiday blues if we were to find one of these bad boys in our stockings. There are tons of options to cater to your budget and the person you’re thinking of, and I bet they won’t guess it’s in there.

Game Boy Color 20th Birthday

2 – Retro Handheld Cartridges

Well, you need games for your Game Boy Color, right? And if you spring for a Nintendo DS Lite or later (I think the original DS might be a bit too chunky for a stocking), the games are so small you could drop a dozen in there and still have enough space for an orange or two. Nintendogs, anyone? And, hey, you could always dip back if you wanted to and surprised someone with a nostalgia trip that blasts you just a little further into the past.

Nintendo Cartridge 1280px

1 – Gamer Fuel

We’ve all heard the Mountain Dew jokes ad infinitum, yes, but hey, that doesn’t stop you from needing something to drink, does it? Whether it’s a can of Vanilla Coke (my drink of choice), a two-liter of Mountain Dew (although that might be a bit big for our purposes), or the classic Monster, your gamer friend/loved one/headshot-obsessed grandmother is going to need something to drink while they check out their new goodies.

Vanilla Coke

Hopefully ,you found something in our guide that helps you pick out some gifts for the special gamer in your life! If anyone has any suggestions for stocking stuffers of their own, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments section below!