Ranking The Best Video Game Sidekicks From First To Worst

The Endearing Sidekicks

5) Sully from Uncharted

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love Sully, and that’s probably because he’s a straight up baller. He is the wise-cracking, cigar-smoking, smooth son of a gun that mentored Nathan Drake as a child and taught him everything he knows. He accompanies us through many chapters of the series and doesn’t trail on our heels or get in our way; instead he wanders around important rooms by himself and uncovers information — a pleasant and intelligent AI feature that enhances the story and ensures that we don’t get pissed off bumping into our partner the whole time. In addition to his cleverness and wit, Sully’s loyalty is his most endearing quality: He’ll come running to the edge of the Earth if it means saving our ass, and will then heckle us playfully the whole way home.

sulley uncharted 4 sidekick

6) Trico from The Last Guardian

While Trico has a mind of his own and isn’t the most helpful sidekick we’ve ever been paired with in a game, his assistance and companionship is essential to progressing with the story. He is utterly adorable and lovable, and despite the fact that he is a mythological combination between a bird, a dog, and a cat, his qualities in the game are incredibly realistic. He moves and breathes and reacts to things like a real dog would, which makes him a captivating character that you just want to love and protect. We are able to ride him, climb on top of him to access tough-to-reach places, and use his abilities to channel electric charges that are imperative to solving puzzles. We may not have the utmost control over him at all times, but we love him just the same anyway.

The Last Guardian Top Screen

7) Yoshi from Super Mario World

Yoshi has appeared in almost too many games to count, and you’re basically a monster if you don’t like this guy. He is the cutest little dinosaur ever, and a classic staple of the gaming world. We first met him in Super Mario World back in 1990, and after we rescued him from an egg, our lives were forever changed. We were able to ride him for slightly faster transport and use his tongue to destroy our enemies, and his charm has kept him as a fan favorite that we all still fight over to play in Mario Kart to this very day.

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