Disgaea 5 – 6 Essential Tips You Need to Consider Before Playing

Disgaea 5 Tips for the Nintendo Switch

Disgaea 5 is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Many of you will be newcomers to the series. Many more of you are currently wondering how to pronounce that word (diss-guy-uh). I’m here to give you a quick little breakdown on what it means to play one of these games. Be sure to bring food, water, and sleep. Especially sleep. You’ll get very little from this point forward.

1 – Use the Senate

Much like our own world, the government in the netherworld is hopelessly corrupt. If there’s a law you need passed, you can always put it to a vote. If some senators aren’t willing to vote the way you want, maybe there’s an item in your inventory that will help change their minds? Of course, sometimes you lose the vote anyway. In that case, you can just buy the outcome you want. This is usually a lot of money though, and new equipment ain’t cheap. Killing everyone who voted against you? Totally free. As soon as you get access to this feature, abuse and use it constantly. Passing laws will get you bonus stages, extra characters, better gear in the shops, and so much more. You can pass laws that change the game’s difficulty. There are laws that open up entire new features in the post-game. The senate floor is the easiest, most direct path to tipping the scales your way.

2 – Explore Your Items

Blacksmiths and crafting are for suckers. You want to beef up that dinky old sword? Time to explore its boundless depths. Every item in your inventory is also a dungeon. Sizes range from 30 to 100 floors, including monsters, traps and rare items. I mean every item, by the way. Potions? Dungeons. Reading glasses? Dungeons! That old piece of gum you chewed for a while and never threw out for some reason? Also a dungeon. The more thorough you are in finishing these item worlds, the more said items are powered up. Also, just in case this wasn’t enough, every item has monsters called “innocents” which you can recruit (by killing them of course) to boost an item’s stats. After you recruit these innocents, the next step is combining all the weak little ones into one beefy stat boosting monster. Then creating 20 or 30 more of those. Sky’s the limit, really. As a last important point, the grind involved in traveling through 100-level items can be overwhelming, which is why I recommend this strategy: stacking and throwing, which I’ll talk about in the next point.

Disgaea top screen


3 – Stacking and Throwing

Sometimes levels are really big. Just terribly, uncomfortably big. You’re a busy demon with places to be. The solution, of course, is to stack all of your characters in a huge tower and have them toss each other one at a time until you’ve crossed the whole map in a single turn. What, you want to fight your way across the map like a chump? Forget that. Especially if you’re plumbing the depths of an item. Who has the time to walk across one hundred floors of a sword? No one. Keep a few characters on hand who’s only purpose is to move fast and throw far. There’s no shortage of items which do this. Also, there’s no rule saying you can’t just wear three pairs of shoes. Those equipment slots are more like suggestions. Ten guys in a tower can finish a level before the first turn is over. You’ll want to remember this when there’s a field of invincible monsters between you and the goal. There’s no easier way to finish an item dungeon than this trick, I promise.

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