The Best PlayStation 5 Games to Scoop up at Launch

4) Watch Dogs: Legion

Play as anyone. This is the motto that we’ve heard since Watch Dogs: Legion was first announced. And while there was some concern that the execution of such a grandiose idea would fall flat, it’s clear Ubisoft took their time and built the entire game around the idea. This game mechanic makes you feel connected to more than just the usual main character, because spoiler, there’s no typical main character to be found here. Ubisoft really showcases what they’re good at in Watch Dogs: Legion with a massive open-world to explore and a ton of game to be played. Additionally there’s an interesting narrative, the game design is spectacular and the futuristic world it’s set in is vibrant and colorful. Surely this sounds like an amazing addition to your PlayStation 5 on day one, right?

3) Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

From pop culture we know that the Viking Age is pretty damn popular; there are plenty of good movies and TV shows to prove it, like Vikings and The Last Kingdom. So why wouldn’t Ubisoft use their upgraded formula for Assassin’s Creed to explore a time that we’ve never gotten to play in the franchise before? Though they rebooted the AC series a couple of years ago they’ve really come into their stride, improving the graphics, environments and even the dialogue with the AI and side quests. Now more than ever we also get to dive into characters that feel way more in-depth (both in personality and in background) whilst setting off on a captivating adventure. Of course the Viking Age just makes it better. And with the power and graphical prowess we’ll be getting on the PS5 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla should feel leaps and bounds ahead of any of the previous titles in the franchise. I can’t be the only one excited about this!

2) Godfall

After being officially revealed as a PS5 title in December 2019, at the Game Awards, Godfall created quite the buzz in the gaming community. Similar to Anthem in the hype that it has received since being revealed and the overall genre, the similarities hopefully end there. In fact we’re more than hopeful that this will not only meet our expectations, but smash them into oblivion. This action role-playing looter-slasher combines stylish and frantic combat with a bright and colorful environment that sees heroic knights and arcane magic at the forefront. And as if that didn’t already sound amazing the depth and detail we’ve seen of the character design thus far is more than impressive. Oh, and the soundtrack is bumpin’. Will you take on the troves of enemies that threaten this fantasy universe in this new adventure from the makers of the Borderlands series? With the endless potential Godfall holds, the only acceptable answer here should be a resounding yes.

1) Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Imagine yourself swinging from building to building, looking super stylish in a snazzy suit, in an epic new world designed by Insomniac. Did you picture yourself as Spidey himself? As a follow up to the hugely successful Marvel’s Spider-Man Insomniac is looking to captivate the same audience with the standalone Spider-Man: Miles Morales game whilst improving upon some of the gameplay mechanics set forth in the original. We can expect to see a ton of suit customization and badass action/combat sequences so this is definitely one to get excited about. What’s more is that this time in the spider verse is also incredibly interesting and up until recently has yet to really be explored in movies, on TV or in video games. Not to mention the caliber of game we’re dealing with here is not to be forgotten. Especially when you consider how highly the Marvel’s Spider-Man was received, amongst both critics and fans alike, the potential for Miles Morales to be on par, or even better is exponential. And how can you not be incredibly pumped about that?

Honorable Mention: Bugsnax

Now despite the recent PS5 launch titles that have recently been delayed, there is still another title that deserves an honorable mention here and that’s none other than the cutesy, artsy game Bugsnax. Much like Sack Boy: A Big Adventure, this might not be the first choice, but it certainly paints the picture for some good ‘ol family fun. If you haven’t heard much about it you’ll find an adventure game where players must solve various mysteries on Snaktooth Island, all while capturing creatures that are half-bug, half-snack. It’s an interesting and whimsical idea that seems like it could be not only enjoyable, but relaxing as well. Just make sure to stock up on the snacks ahead of time so you don’t get hungry while you play!

What do you think about each of these games? Is there a good launch title that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.